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housing loan

Housing Loan

A home mortgage is one of the most common forms of debt, and it is also one of the most recommended. Because they are secured debt—there is an asset (the residence) acts as backing for the loan—mortgages come with lower interest rates than almost any other kind of loan an individual consumer can find.

business loan

Business Loan

Every small business and startup started with a brilliant concept. For many, the next step was to take out a loan to finance their project. Taking out a loan is the most convenient way to obtain money while beginning a business.

personal loan

Personal Loan

A personal loan is an amount that you can borrow for a variety of purposes. Borrowed money usually needs to be paid back over time with interest. Some lenders may also charge a personal loan fee.

vehicle loan

Vehical Loan

A car loan has the benefit of giving you rapid access to a vehicle , or a better vehicle, that you otherwise wouldn't be able to afford. For job or family/business responsibilities, the automobile might be a highly worthwhile purchase. You have the option of purchasing new or used automobiles, depending on your preferences.

guarantee & bond

Guarantee & Bond

A bank guarantee is a condition in a bank loan that assures the bank that if a borrower misses on a loan repayment, the bank would cover the loss. A bond is a financial instrument that allows an investor to lend money to a company or government entity in exchange for a fixed amount of interest during the bond's life. A bond is a debt that is issued by a company and purchased by outside investors.

trade facilities

Trade Facilities

The purpose of trade finance is to add a third-party to transactions in order to eliminate payment and supply risks. The exporter receives receivables or payment in accordance with the agreement, while the importer may be given credit to complete the trade order.

asset finance

Asset Finance

Asset financing is the practice of borrowing money or obtaining a loan using a company's balance sheet assets, such as short-term investments, inventories, and accounts receivable.