About Us

SHAB Creations is Certified and Approved Converters for Architectural Market Division

SHAB Creations (A Subsidiary of SHAB Group of Companies) are the approved & certified converters for 3M Architectural Market Division in the UAE, which includes 3M Window Films, 3M DINOC & 3M FASARA.

SHAB Creations prides itself on our commitment to providing quality products, efficient & quality installations. SHAB Creations provides an effective way to improve the look of your house, office spaces, hotels, schools, retail stores, restaurants & healthcare environments with our top-notch vinyl wrapping & window tinting services. We fill the gap as an economical yet excellent choice for individuals who don't have the time, or patience to choose a full makeover.

Our Values

We listen to your concerns and provide genuine guidance, encouragement, reassurance, and compassionate support. We challenge ourselves by innovating our strategic and futuristic approach despite the risks. Giving you our toughness and ability to adapt quickly and easily. We communicate effectively, allowing you to achieve successful outcomes toward a common goal. valuing new ideas and perspectives while effortlessly providing services

Our Mission

SHAB Creations is dedicated to becoming the leading wrapping and filming brand in the UAE. Our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality services. Our mission service is to provide world-class services across the country while upholding the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality, modesty, and excellent customer service within our profession. To keep up with market demands and trends, SHAB Creations employs the most recent technological advancements in management and research.

At SHAB Creations

What we do

SHAB Creations is the AMD Authorized Converters for 3M. We have positively established ourselves with an excellent track record of Supply and Application of 3M Window Films & other Architectural finishes. Our value is based on principles and commitment to quality service, we offer every transaction with our robust quality standards. Our customers are the backbone of our growth, and their satisfaction remains our success